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Chasing Dreams

22. Follower of Jesus Christ. Social Media Manager. East Texas heart living in Nashville, TN. Lover of music. Dr. Pepper addict. #dreamcatcher. #TexasForever.

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packs 2 hours before leaving for a trip

unpacks 3 months after coming home

meet your new favorite musicians

Starting in May, I became ZUUS Country’s “Cyber Queen/Social Butterfly/Poster Child/Social Goddess (all names I have been called while in the office),” and over the past few months I have been introduced to so many extremely talented people. I feel that since I had the opportunity to learn about these people and their music, I should pass on the favor to all of you. I cannot fit all of my…

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Jamie Dornan, ouat version!

P.s. If you like once upon a time: thejollyswann

The savior can’t come this far and not play princess for a day!


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OUAT Season 3 Appreciation Weekends
Aug. 29-31: Fav. Season 3 Moment (3/3)
↳ Killian and Emma watching Snow White and Charming fall in love

does that surprise you?


I just can’t ever get over how adorable this is.